Do you need a food safety program for your business?

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Food Safety Programs

Let us take care of your third party auditing requirements for aged care and vulnerable persons.

NSW Food Authority Accredited Auditor

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Are your food products safe and correctly labelled?

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Food Business Consulting

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Functional Food Safety can develop, document and implement high quality HACCP based food safety programs for your food business.

We specialise in food safety programs that focus on your industry specific food safety issues.

Our customised food safety plans will save you time and money and ensure that your food products meet the most stringent food safety standards.

The current hourly rate for the NSW Food Authority is $316.46 per hour (April 2016).

Auditors can spend hours sorting through badly organised paperwork.

We can ensure that your record keeping is focused on food safety and kept to a minimum saving your food business significant amounts of money.

Functional Food Safety have expertise across abroad range of industries including:
  • Dairy,
  • Plant products,
  • Abattoirs and meat processing,
  • Food manufacturing and wholesaling,
  • Aged care and vulnerable persons,
  • Seafood and shellfish,
  • Eggs.

Functional Food Safety is approved by the NSW Food Authority to carry out regulatory food safety audits and our food safety auditor is an aged care and vulnerable persons expert.

We are also specialist food safety consultants and offer a range of other services including:
  • Food safety training,
  • Food safety compliance reviews,
  • Food recall and complaint investigation,
  • Time temperature validation and verification,
  • Food premises construction advice,
  • Food labelling compliance,
  • Food microbiology,
  • Supplier audits.

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Why Choose Functional Food Safety to develop your Food Safety Program?


Functional food safety can deliver positive outcomes for your food business to meet your budget.


Our fresh approach and new ideas can make food safety compliance in your food business a breeze.


NSW Food Authority approved as a regulatory food safety auditor.

Exemplar Global level 4 auditor


We have 28 years knowledge and know how in the food industry across a wide range of sectors.

Do you need a food safety program for your business?

Food Safety Programs

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