Food Premises Construction Advice.

Purchasing a food business with inadequate food premises construction standards could cost end up costing your business serious money.

Functional Food Safety can undertake food premises construction inspections of existing food premises prior to purchase to ensure that the premises complies with any relevant regulatory standard.

We can also work with builders and shop fitters where a new premises is being constructed to ensure that all of your finishes will pass a council or NSW Food Authority inspection.

Our inspections consider:
  • Design and Construction – Our checklists consider water supply, sewage and waste-water disposal, storage of garbage & recyclable matter, ventilation and lighting.
  • Floors Walls and Ceilings – We check that surfaces are designed & constructed in a way that is appropriate for the business. Floors and walls should be able to be effectively cleaned, unable to absorb grease, water or food particles. We also ensure that there is no possible harborage for pests.
  • Fixtures Fittings and Equipment – Must be adequate for the production of safe and suitable food and fit for their intended use. Equipment must be able to be effectively cleaned and sanitized if necessary and made of materials that will not contaminate food.
  • Handwashing Facilites – Must be present areas where food handlers work and immediately adjacent to toilets. Hand washing facilities must be used for the sole purpose of washing hands, arms and face, connected to warm running water, easily accessible, equipped with soap and single use paper towels.
  • Toilet Facilites – Must be available for food handlers
  • Food Storage Equipment – Coolrooms, fridges, freezers and refrigerated retail displays must be capable of storing food under adequate temperature control in the case of chilled food less than 5oc and frozen food less than -18oc.
We can inspect your food premises against all relevant standards including:

Food Standards Code 3.2.2 Food safety practices and general requirements

Food Standards Code 3.2.3 Food premises and equipment

NSW Standard for the Construction and Hygienic Operations of Retail Meat Premises

AS 4696:2007 Australian Standard for the Hygienic Production and Transportation of Meat and Meat Products for Human Consumption

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