Any food recall of food products produced by your food business will be inconvenient and costly.

Our team can assist you with all aspects of food recall with a primary focus on implementing resilient food safety programs to minimise any non-compliance.

A food recall is the action taken to remove from distribution, sale and consumption, food that is unsafe. This means food that may cause illness or other physical harm to a person consuming the food.

During 2015 in Australia there were a total of 81 recalls of food products with almost half of that total due to undeclared allergens. (mainly dairy and peanuts)

The main aims of any food recall are to:
  • Stop the sale and distribution of the food as quickly as possible
  • Inform regulators, other food businesses and the public of the recall
  • Remove the unsafe product from the marketplace

All manufacturers, wholesalers and importers must have a recall program in place as required by the Food Standards Code 3.2.2 (12).

Your written recall plan should outline how your company will conduct the recall and should specify the procedures, arrangements, staff responsibilities and records required as part of the food business’s recall system.

In the course of a recall food business must :

Contact their local food enforcement agency

  • Follow their written food recall plan
  • Notify FSANZ
  • Fill out the food recall report
  • Notify customers
  • Notify the public for a consumer level recall
  • Account for retrieved recalled product and take appropriate action e.g. disposal
  • Submit a post recall report

We can ensure that you have a robust food recall program in place that meets the requirements of the Food Industry Recall Protocol and we can assist if a recall is necessary.

Functional Food Safety are experts in complaint investigation and dispute resolution.

We can investigate complaints in relation to products manufactured by your business and liaise with the complainant, government agencies and regulators to ensure a positive outcome for all involved.

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