Food time temperature validation and verification is critical to food safety.

Time temperature validation and verification must be appropriate if your food business is involved in cooking, cooling, post pack pasteurisation, hot holding or cold storage.

Pathogens responsible for food borne illness such as Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella, E. coli and Campylobacter can survive and grow if your critical limits are inappropriate or not achieved.

Our HACCP based food safety programs ensure that your time temperature validation is sound and the verification procedures are adequate.


If your food business is manufacturing, foods such as smallgoods, ready to eat meals and seafood it is essential to ensure that you are meeting the legislated food time & temperature critical limits necessary to reduce pathogens to safe levels.

Cooking critical limits vary depending on your operation however you must ensure that cooked food receives a heat treatment of at least 65 degrees celsius  for 10 minutes or an equivalent combination of time and higher temperature.

Functional Food Safety can ensure that your food business is applying and complying with the appropriate cooking critical limit.

In pack post-pasteurisation of RTE meats

Butchers and meat processors who pack and sell RTE meats using a method that prolongs or extends the shelf life of the product must implement a Listeria management program.

Food business may implement a post-cooking lethality treatment to the product, such as in-pack pasteurization. Applying heat, such as immersing packaged cooked meat in hot water can destroy any Listeria that may have contaminated the product.

Functional Food Safety can design and implement a pasteurisation process to suit your production methods and ensure that your ready to eat products are safe.


Adequate cooling of cooked ready to eat products an essential part of ensuring that your food manufactured safely.

The Food Standards Code prescribes the 2/4 hr rule where food must be cooled from 60oc to 21oc in a maximum of 2 hours and from 21oc to 5oc in a maximum of 4 hours

Other cooling regimes apply for the NSW Standard for Construction and Hygienic Operations of Retail Meat Premises and also for AS 4696:2007 Australian Standard for the Hygienic Production and Transportation of Meat and Meat Products for Human Consumption.

Functional Food Safety can ensure that you are applying the correct standard and your cooling processes comply with the critical limits set.

Our accurate data loggers can be used to ensure that your products fully comply with any cooking and cooling regime that you need to implement to produce a safe product.


All food businesses must have a temperature measuring device that is readily accessible and can accurately measure the temperature of potentially hazardous food to +/- 1ºC.

An accurate thermometer is essential for time temperature validation and verification.

Functional food safety can check the accuracy or your handheld thermometers, coolroom dials, refrigerated display dials, oven thermometers and pH meters.

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