All abattoirs are required to develop and implement a documented food safety program.

Functional Food Safety can assist you with HACCP based food safety programs for all types of abattoirs.

The owner of Functional Food Safety has 28 years of meat industry experience as a meat inspector, Quality Assurance Manager and Government regulator.

We have all sectors of the meat industry covered including:

  • Red meat abattoirs¬†– premises used in the slaughtering of abattoir animals for human consumption. (cattle, sheep, pigs, deer)
  • Non-red meat abattoirs¬† – premises used for or in connection with the slaughtering of poultry, rabbit, ratite (eg emu) or crocodile meat for human consumption.
Starting small to medium scale abattoirs and meat processing plants can be complex.

Functional Food Safety can assist you with:

  • Animal welfare,
  • Licensing and registration,
  • Training and assessing of Meat Safety Inspectors,
  • National Livestock Identification System (NLIS),
  • Abattoir¬†construction & design,
  • Microbiological testing,
  • Issue & use of brands.

Functional Food Safety can develop and implement documented HACCP based food safety programs that ensure you comply with all of the meat, poultry and rabbit processing standards and other State regulatory requirements including:

Our food safety programs can significantly reduce your auditing costs.

The current hourly rate for the NSW Food Authority is $316.46 per hour (April 2016).

Auditors can spend hours sorting through badly organised paperwork.

We can ensure that your record keeping is focussed on food safety and kept to a minimum saving your food business significant amounts of money.


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