Aged care food safety standards in Australia are high.

Functional Food Safety has extensive practical experience with food safety programs in the aged care and vulnerable persons food service sector including:

  • hospitals
  • aged care facilities
  • same-day aged care services
  • respite services
  • delivered meal organisations such as Meals on Wheels.

The owner of Functional Food Safety, Glenn Locke, has audited and inspected hundreds of aged care facilities and he understands how busy commercial kitchens operate.

Functional food safety can develop and assist you to implement a food safety program that identifies and controls the hazards involved in:

  • receiving potentially hazardous food,
  • storage,
  • transport,
  • thawing,
  • disposal,
  • support programs, (calibration, cleaning & sanitising, internal audit, food recall, maintenance, pest control, product identification/labeling, staff training),
  • menu design,
  • uncooked ready to eat foods,
  • cook serve foods,
  • cook chill foods,
  • texture modified and pureed foods,
  • nutritional supplements and milkshakes,
  • infant formula and allergen control

Functional Food Safety specialises in HACCP based food safety programs that are designed to reduce the burden of paperwork on your staff while still demonstrating a high level of compliance.

Concise, well organized records ensures reduced audit and compliance costs to your organisation.  The current hourly rate is $316.46 per hour (April 2016).  Functional Food Safety can design and implement a HACCP based food safety program in your aged care or vulnerable persons facility that will save you significant amounts of money on audit fees.

We can ensure that your facility has a food safety program that covers the requirements of the NSW Food Authority Guidelines for Food Service to Vulnerable persons and the Food Standards Code 3.2.1, 3.2.2 & 3.2.3 and 3.3.1.

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