Plant products can be high risk foods.

Functional Food Safety has extensive experience in designing and implementing HACCP based food safety programs in the plant products sector.

The owner of Functional Food Safety, Glenn Locke, has audited and inspected numerous plant products businesses including fresh cut salad, unpasteurised juice and seed sprout operations for many years in his former role as an audit & compliance officer with the New South Wales Food Authority.

Plant products businesses are operations that prepare or store plants for food including:
  • processing (ie. cutting, trimming, slicing, peeling, pulling apart) fruit or vegetables to produce fresh cut, ready-to-eat (RTE) products
  • sprouting and processing seed spouts (except wheat grass and bean sprouts)
  • extraction or packaging of juice from fruit or vegetables where the juice is not subsequently pasteurised
  • producing vegetables, fruit or herbs in oil
  • refrigerated storage of these plant products.

A business that prepares or prepares and stores plant products needs to have a documented food safety program that effectively controls food hazards.

Plant products have been linked to food borne illness outbreaks attributed to pathogens such as Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes and E. coli.

Our HACCP based food safety programs include robust pathogen testing procedures that comply with the requirements of the NSW Food Safety Schemes Manual as well as your customer requirements.

Functional Food Safety can develop HACCP based food safety programs that will help to ensure your seed sprouts, unpasteurised juice, vegetables in oil and freshcut ready to eat salads meet legislated requirements and are safe for human consumption.

We can ensure that your facility has a HACCP based food safety program that covers the requirements of the Food Standards Code 3.2.1, 3.2.2 & 3.2.3 as well as the NSW Food Authority Food Safety Schemes Manual.

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NSW Food Authority Food Safety Schemes Manual.




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