Regulatory Food Safety Auditing and Aged Care Auditing.

Regulatory food safety auditing, aged care and vulnerable persons auditing is our specialty.

The owner of Functional Food Safety, Glenn Locke is approved by the NSW Food Authority under its Regulatory Food Safety Auditor System to conduct regulatory food safety audits of licenced food businesses in NSW.

Glenn is an aged care facility and vulnerable persons sector expert. He has audited hundreds of aged care facilities across New South Wales and has a thorough understanding of the sector.

Using Functional Food Safety to carry out your aged care or regulatory food safety audit has many advantages.

We are:

  • Consistent – You get the same professional auditor every time
  • Flexible – We can audit your facility when it suits you.
  • Organised – We will let you know when your next audit is due.
  • Experienced – Functional Food Safety has years of experience in the aged care sector.
  • Cost efficient – Our auditor can deliver audits at a much cheaper rate than the NSW Food Authority resulting in significant cost saving.  The current NSW Food Authority hourly rate is $316.46/hr. (April 2016)

Glenn is certified by Exemplar Global as a Level 4 (NFSA-4) Auditor under the National Food Safety Auditor Program with the following scope of certification:-

  • Heat Treatment
  • Cook Chill Processes
  • Ready to Eat Meat Products Manufacturing Processes
  • Oysters and other bivalve Molluscs Production and Processing

Contact Functional Food Safety for a free consultation if you are food business with one of the following NSW Food Authority licence permissions:

  • Vulnerable Persons and Aged Care
  • Cold food storage
  • Dairy primary production
  • Plant products
  • Shellfish wild harvest
  • Shellfish wet storage
  • Seafood processing
  • Seafood processing – RTE products
  • Seafood processing – RTE including wet storage
  • Aquaculture with processing, excluding shellfish – RTE products

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