Is your food business ready for Scores on Doors in Coffs Harbour?

Scores on doors in Coffs Harbour is being launched on July 1st 2016.

Functional Food Safety can assist your Coffs Harbour food business to achieve an excellent (five star) rating in the Scores on Doors in Coffs Harbour program.

The scores on doors in Coffs Harbour program is a food safety initiative that rates a food businesses’ compliance with the hygiene and food safety requirements of the Food Standards Code.

Food businesses are assessed by Coffs Harbour Council food inspectors against the standard Food Premises Assessment Report.

Food businesses are then provided with a certificate that can be displayed in a prominent place with ratings that indicate the level of compliance.

The scores on doors ratings are:
  • Excellent (five stars) The highest expected level of hygiene and food safety practices.
  • Very Good (four stars) Very good hygiene and food safety practices. Some minor areas need to be addressed to get a higher result.
  • Good (three stars) Good general standard of hygiene and food safety. Some non-critical areas need attention to get a higher result.

A business with major hygiene and food safety issues does not get a certificate to display.

The ratings will also be published online.

Achieving a Scores on Doors “excellent” (five star) rating will give your food business an edge over your competitors who have rated lower or not at all.

Customers can be assured that food business with a rating of three stars or better were free from critical food safety issues at the time of the inspection.

Your food business can also use the scores on doors rating to promote and market your superior food safety standards.

Scores on Doors is for:

  • Restaurants
  • Takeaways
  • Cafes
  • pub & bistros
  • bakeries
  • hotels
  • clubs

These food service businesses usually process and sell food that is ready-to-eat, intended for immediate consumption and potentially hazardous.

Scores on Doors is not intended for:

  • supermarkets
  • delicatessens or greengrocers
  • low risk food premises or businesses that serve pre-packaged food, such as petrol service stations and convenience stores
  • temporary markets, mobile food vending vehicles
  • retail food businesses which hold a NSW Food Authority licence and are separately audited, such as butchers.

Functional Food Safety can carry out a food safety compliance review on your Coffs Harbour food business and assist you to improve or maintain your Scores on Doors rating.

Our food safety auditor has decades of experience in the food industry and our rates are very competitive.

Scores on doors in Coffs Harbour

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