Tru Blu Prawn Farms has enjoyed a long and valued relationship with Glenn Locke. Contact was first made with Glenn when he was employed by NSW Food Authority. Glenn visited our operation to carry out audits and compliance inspections. His knowledge of legislation and regulatory requirements was outstanding. He was always willing to answer our questions and offered advice when requested. His personable and practical hands on approach were much appreciated by Tru Blu.

We recently upgraded and expanded our processing shed. We needed to be sure we met all requirements prior to harvest and processing, so for us the first person to go to was ‘Glenn at NSW Food Authority’. Unfortunately for us, we were told he no longer worked for them. We especially wanted to seek his advice; so, thanks to Google we tracked him down and then fortunately discovered he had set up a consultancy business. We engaged Functional Food Safety immediately to advise us on the shed layout/fittings and sought advice on compliance with the regulations. Glenn provided us with a written report and good advice which we followed without question. We feel we received outstanding value for money. We plan to further upgrade our facilities and we will again be engaging Glenn as our Food Safety Consultant.

Jock Wingfield


Tru Blu Prawn Farms




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